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Ever since my first track day in 2016, I've been addicted to technical driving.

I do autocross more than any other type of driving event and want to be more competitive at the upper level of our local region, maybe even nationals someday. To get there, I think more power and more tire will help most.

MiataTurbo.net has convinced me that the best turbo and kit for the 1.8 is the Borg Warner EFR6258 with other goodies from Track Speed Engineering, which runs at $3099.

With wider tires I'll need wider wheels as well. The set of 4 Hoosier A7 295/35ZR15s will come in at close to $1200 and the 15"x12" 6UL wheels will be close to $1000.

If you'd like to help make my car more competitive for the 2019 season and beyond, please contact me at zeek55wb@gmail.com

I would like to give back to sponsors in some way as well, so please keep that in mind and we can talk about what works best for you. Thank you for your consideration!